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Choosing SMTP server

OSEMS works as BYO SMTP service (Bring Your Own).

You use SMTP server of your choice in order to send email messages via OSEMS.

In my opinion, the king here is Amazon SES that allows you to send emails for a flat price $0.10 per 1000 emails.

Amazon SES allows you to use whatever domain you control as a sender of your emails.

Of course, you can use whatever SMTP server suits you, but from my research there's no better SMTP service in terms of price/reliability.

You can also start with some free SMTP servers. But have in mind that typical email services (like e.g. Gmail), have a quite low daily limits for outbound emails (around 500) or if you're a Google Workspace user, that limit can go up to 2000 (for 24-hour period).

In order to use Gmail SMTP, you may need to create App Password for your Google Mail to later use it as SMTP password (probably you'll also need to enable 2-Step Verification for your Google account to enable setting App Password).

More info:

Example Gmail SMTP settings: